Historical and Linnaeus' Wood (lumber)

Linnaeus' wood


As a home carpenter, you have the opportunity to buy historical Linnaeus wood that has been cut out from the Linneaus Historical Garden (swedish: Linnéträdgården) in Uppsala and saved at a farm in Uppland for many years.
We have five various types of lumber to offer you, home delivery included in the price; elm, oak, conker, maple and ash.



The past head of Linnaeus' Garden - Lars Jonsson and Lena Hansson in Uppsala - have been written a specific provenance about the origin of this historical Linnaeus wood. Send us a mail if you like to read it:

Original From Year 1741


You can also get a description of the original and historical furniture from year 1741, that today is is locked up behind iron bars at Linneaus Hammarby - outside Uppsala. With this authentic Linneaus' lumber you can build an replica and in that way be active in our Swedish Culture Linnaeus' history. Your private reproduction piece will therefore have a greater value.