Historical and Linnaeus' Wood (lumber)

Wood from the origin Linnaeus Garden


As home builder, you also have the opportunity to use our historical and exclusive Linnaeus wood (lumber) from the origin Garden of Linnaeus. The elk tree has been cut out from the Linneaus Historical Garden and kept outside Uppsala for many years. We can offer You this rare, historical elk wood to build Your private 'Linnaeus LapTop Desk'.



The past head of Linnaeus' Garden - Gardener Lars Jonsson and Gardener Lena Hansson in Uppsala - have  written a provenance where the origin wood comes from. Send us Your email adress or SMS +46(0)709 50 75 90 if you like to read the report, but in swedish.

Build your own replica from the Original 1741


We can also provide You with 18 pages description of the original lecture chair in swedish. The origin and antique furniture from 1741 is today locked up behind iron bars at his private home - Linneaus Hammarby - outside Uppsala. With this authentic Linneaus' wood (lumber) you build your own historical replica or even the modern, updated version as your Linnaeus LapTop Desk for daily use.