Linnaeus LapTop Desk

Carl Linnaeus practical, ergonomic and useful "LapTop Desk" from the origin year in 1741 has been reinvented in its home town of Uppsala - Sweden. Exhibited for the next generation of portable computer users in Sweden 2007 at public Swedish Tourist places, Libraries and Museums.

Linnaeus LapTop Desk is probably the world's first all-in-one workstation. With 1 000 years of ergonomic development it is a proven working "horse" with real leather upholstery saddle. Now you sit comfortably on a real upholstery sitting part and is working with your mobile or portable computer on a smaller table space.

We offer you free build instruction in this menu when You fill in your email adress above. Workstation is both a historical AND proved concept for the modern and ergonomic workstation. We offer you a complete fullscale (1:1) drawing, if You contact us.