Linneus Easy Reader - worth the study
Linneus Easy Reader - worth the study

Carl von Linné's study chair redesigned
The Linnaeus LapTop Desk breaks new grounds in its old home town: Uppsala - Sweden.

Carl Linnaeus practical and brilliant study chair is back - developed and adapted to meet the demands of today.

Comfortable and beautiful
This exclusive and modern computer desk is now looking for a home in crowded cities. It is perfect in student rooms, apartments, universities, schools, offices or other cultural working places as long as it gets a chance to serve its purpose wherever there is a need.

Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778
The most famous scientist of all times from the University of Uppsala.


All-In-One Workstation with history
Carl vLinnaeus probably had his study chair made in the mid 1700s, being inspired by among others library chairs, foreign monasteries and university libraries, where heavy and cumbersome books were often used. And so he built this exceptional lecture chair which he used as pulpit for his lessons and lectures.

New production
We have now redeveloped the production technique for an improved ergonomic and aesthetic version. 

Pay a visit to the study chair

Linnaeus original lecture chair is on display at Linnaeus Hammarby, south of Uppsala. You can also see and try the new version when You arrive in Uppsala.

For more information, send an e-mail to Gunnar Grip: carl@plugghasten.se
or call +46709507590