Linnaeus LapTop Desk

Carl Linnaeus practical, ergonomic, historical and comfortable "LapTop Desk" from year 1741 has been reinvented in Linnaeus home town: Uppsala-Sweden.

Exposed since the Linnaeus 300 years of Anniversary at Swedish Tourist Offices, Swedish Libraries and Swedish Museums.

Linnaeus LapTop Desk is probably the world's first
All-In-One Workstation You have searched for years.

Our furniture have hundred years of daily use, today updated to a modern, compact workstation in wood and design to be Your next LapTop Desk furniture at home.

We also share the digital build instruction - for free. This LapTop Desk in wood can be Your next Do-It-Yourself hobbyproject or let a skilled carpenter help You.

How to build your first Linnaeus LapTop Desk in 43 s