Carl Linnaeus made his private ‘Lecture Chair’ already in 1741, after he was inspired by library chairs from foreign monasteries and university libraries in Holland. That was where the books, often heavy and cumbersome, were found.

Carl Linnaeus created one chair, unusually full of characterful and comfortable ‘Lecture Chair’, which he used both as a 'Research Chair’ and for ‘Public Lectures’ to students and also when giving private lessons at his country home at the ‘Linnaeus Hammarby’ outside Uppsala.

The antique Original Chair is today exhibited at ‘Linnaeus Hammarby’- made by a local carpenter from Uppsala. It was already in the 1800s popularly known as the ‘Linnaeus Reading Chair’ (swedish:Linnés Plugghäst). On the right you can see the next generation and the updated Linnaeus LapTop Desk, which you can build at home - with free building instructions.