Ready made and delivery to Your door

Ready made samples  - Price from 500 Euro
We also build ready made samples of "Linnaeus LapTop Desk". If you are considering buying one "Linnaeus LapTop Desk", please contact us directly by email or chat with us from the homepage. You can also call direct +46 (0)709 50 75 90 and talk to us. Now we can discuss and chat Where, When and How your private LapTop Desk should look like and suggest You a fair price.

This is an excellent opportunity to make Your choice of wood, type of upholstery, various accessories and create a personal design for You. You will for certain be surprised by the reasonable price level we offer you.

We notify the delivery date. You can follow the building process with photos via e-mail. Payment in advance, when we start. You always have an money back guarantee.