We carpet for You

Ready made and deliver to Your door at home, even abroad.

We build only for You and deliver the ready made LapTop Desk. Build Your "Linnaeus LapTop desk" with the rare, historical wood planted in 19 th century in the origin Linnaeus Garden he lived in Uppsala - Sweden. Contact us by email or phone for more information..

Call direct +46 (0)709 50 75 90 and have immedately contact with the founder "Carl".
We can talk where, when and how your next private and individual 'Linnaeus LapTop Desk' should be designed. Your first swedish and historical design computer desk.

This is an excellent opportunity to decide Your own choice of wood, classic upholstery, real leather, various accessories and create Your individuel ' Linnaeus LapTop Desk'.

We then agree of the buildprocess and delivery date. You follow the art of handycraft with photos from our selected carpenter by e-mail or mobile. Payment after your confirmation and approval of photos send to You. Inspections via email photos continusely. You will always have money back guarantee.

Below is the rare "Alaskan Rustic Chair" from Philip in USA (Alaska). It is for sale - but for computer users less than 162 cm lenght - the same lengh as Carl Linnaeus!