We build for You

Ready made and deliver to Your door, also outside Sweden, for 390 Euro/US Dollar

We build only for You and Your first All-In-One Workstation in 100% wood. We deliver to your home/office. We can also carpet Your personal "Linnaeus LapTop Desk" with the rare, historical lumber (wood) planted in the original 'Linnaeus Garden' in 1820th century. Here Linnaeus lived and worked in his own garden in central Uppsala - Sweden until his death in January 1778. Freight cost changing (50 Euro-150 Euro) time to time, ask us.

Call us direct in Sweden +46 (0)709 50 75 90 and contact the founder "Carl" alias Gunnar Grip. We can exchange information about your next generation of Ergonomic 'Linnaeus LapTop Desk', designed partly by You.
You follow the building process with photos made by our local carpenter in Uppsala. Payment after approval of photos send to You. You always have money back guarantee.